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Founding Producers

Michael Blaha, David Dean Bottrell, Lee Costello


Associate Producers

Allen Hooper, Dan Kane, Matt. Murray,

Gail Standish, Anthony Thurston


Event Producer

Edward Bates


Casting Director

Allen Hooper


Literary Manager

Bart Gold


Director of the Tomorrow Prize & the Roswell Award

Rosalind Helfand


Press Representatives

Andrew Freedman Public Relations



Production Manager and Production Stage Manager

Heidi Marie


Project Coordinators

Mary Cavaliere

Joanne Harris

Celeste Martinez


The 2016 Sci-Fest LA Festival Board:

Gail Standish, Chair, Michael Blaha, Vice Chair Celeste Martinez, Secretary Michael Bernard, David Spencer Bloch, David Dean Bottrell, Daniel Cho, Lee Costello, Carol Elaine, Katherine Fugate, Xaque Gruber, Shauna McClure, David Westbay, Jack Kenny, David Lin, Laverne McKinnon, Bruno Oliver, Alec Peters, Rick Reidy, Christopher Rivera, Fred Rubin, Dr. Michael Sass, Joel Silberman, Jack Stiefel, Patric Verrone, Cherryl Weaver, Mike Werb,

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